Today, one of my favorite bloggers across the pond [Dutch Bitch is in that list of favorites, too] celebrates a birthday. That would be Penelope, who is a very young 39.

The above photo is the one that I have always associated with Penelope. It’s her avatar in just about every online place she occupies. It’s the one that says “It’s Wine O’ Clock” [which I rebrand as “Gin O’ Clock”] and a reminder to me that someday, I would like to replace the photo image of her with one that is in person.

My chats, tweets and Skype conversations with her almost always make me laugh. She’s always providing some insightful wisdom to me, which ends up helping me get through the second half of my day [multiple time zones excludes the first half of my day]. And all of those phrases like “gone tits up” or “up in my tits” are ones that I’ve learned to now use properly, thanks to her.

So on this day, I wish her a great birthday. Because we all know she deserves it.