my three phones
L to R: Palm Pre, iPhone 4S, Samsung Captivate

Back on September 23rd, I retired my Sprint iPhone 4S and switched over to my previous phone – the original Palm Pre.

Also, my Samsung Captivate on AT&T was being used in transition to my forth-coming iPhone 5s (also on AT&T). So between switching to the Palm Pre, keeping the iPhone 4S as a template for setting up my new iPhone 5s and carting along the Samsung Android phone, I had a period of 3 days where I used and carried 3 phones. I know.. fucking nuts.

I forgot how cool the webOS interface was on the Palm Pre, at the same time, forgetting how incredibly slow that original Pre was.

And how incredibly poor the battery life has been on the Samsung Captivate. Just being on, without making any phone calls or getting on the web or running any apps, I get about 8 hrs of battery life before it needs to be plugged in.

And compared to the new iPhone 5s, I forgot how solid and heavy the iPhone 4S was.

The lugging around 3 phones was short lived. Thank goodness.

Current Phones

my two current phones
L to R: iPhone 5s 32gb, Palm Pre

So my goal of getting down to just a single phone has been delayed by a couple of months. Sprint, being the shitty great carrier they are [laying the sarcasm deep there], wanted to make sure I stuck it through my entire contract period. I can’t begin to tell you how frustrated I was trying to find a way to keep my current number [which I am switching from as my main number anyway] without incurring the ETF of canceling my contract.

So until December 2nd 2013, I continue to be a two-phone person. After that, I am porting my Sprint number to Google Voice so I can do the forwarding of calls and texts without having to carry that extra phone.

It will be like an early Christmas present to be down to just the iPhone 5s, which I continue to embrace as one of the best phones I’ve owned in the almost 22 years I’ve been carrying a cell phone.