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  • – I’m going to make 52 episodes before the end of 2014 and have drafted up a schedule that I will work on sticking to; if I don’t, you might just have a lot of episodes in the month of December.
  • – I can see the end of lawn mowing season is coming in just a few weeks; if it can just stop raining, I can stop having to bag so much grass.
  • News – Story 1: AC/DC finish new album, Malcom Young leaves the band due to health issues
  • – the band recently announced his official departure; he suffers from dementia; this is the first time in 41 years, he will be not be on a studio album; Stevie Young, his 57 year old nephew, is taking over and joining the band on the new album “Rock or Bust” coming to the US on December 2nd; new single “Play Ball” has been running as a promo for TBS MLB playoff season; a forthcoming tour in 2015 will help the band celebrate 40 years of the band being together; the hint is 40 shows worldwide; you can bet Utah won’t be on the list; I’ve been a fan since 1976 and have pretty been listening to them since; would love to finally see them live; all the best to Malcom with his health; the band moves on.
    – Link to article: Malcolm Young’s Family Confirms AC/DC Guitarist’s Dementia

  • News – Story 2: Ello, a new ad-free social network, is making waves
  • – it’s a few months old, but recently got press and has taken off like wildfire; 40,000 new requests to join an hour; it’s a minimal interface, much like the early days of Twitter; reply, post photos, follow others (friend) all in a browser window; no mobile apps, no private messages, search doesn’t work very well and the interface can be wonky at times; Some call it the Facebook killer; I prefer to see it as a social network that is trying to return to the days before ads, spam, bots and likes; the LGBT community likes it as you can use a name other than your legal given one (like Twitter); it’s hard to see how this social network will take off, unless they focus on growth and interface updates; venture capital funded is being criticized by some; others have joined only to leave a few weeks later; I’m sticking with it to see where it goes.
    – Link to article: Say Ello to the anti-Facebook
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  • News – Story 3: Students refused entrance to homecoming dance over dress code
  • – Bingham High School held their homecoming dance last month; when some students showed up, they were refused entrance to the dance because parts of their dresses were not conforming to moral dress codes; from the photos I saw, the dresses were pretty modest, compared to racier outfits that I’ve seen at the night clubs; but here in Mormon-ville, the school said the dresses didn’t meet the strict dress code; as it turns out, the code exists for several reasons, one of which is for the girls to not dress in a way to entice the males in attendance at the dance; seriously? why is it up to the females to be responsible for the males to not think sexy thoughts?; what year is this anyway?; I applaud the students who walked out and the parents that stood behind them; Memories of “Footloose”; this also happened in two other schools in North Carolina and Virginia.
    – Link to article: Students Stage Walkout Over Homecoming-Dance Dress Code

  • RANT: BYU still bans students from wearing beards
  • – A policy called the BYU Honor Code, contains a rule that states males must be clean shaven; also, no alcohol, pre-marital sex or tattoos are allowed for students; recent protestors are challenging the no beard ban and want change; those who protested wore paper beards on campus; in the ultimate irony, the school’s founder Brigham Young, the Mormon leader, wore a beard throughout most of his life; so do many Mormon prophets before the 1940’s; it seems outdated and there’s no hinderance to attending school for students that wish to grow beards; the older church leaders have labeled beards as a sign of rebellion and drug culture; give me a break; change needs to happen as this is such an innocent issue that the school is just being silly on.
    – Link to article: BYU Students Protest School’s Ban On Beards
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  • SHAMELESS PLUG: First Saturday with no morning cartoons
  • – Sad to read about this; yes, there’s always a place you can still watch cartoons like cable, online and downloaded videos; DVD sets are still plentiful as well; but the memories of Saturday Morning cartoons will always be with me; ABC, CBS, NBC all had a great lineup in the 70’s; I loved getting that edition of TV Guide that covered specifically the number of new cartoons and those returning from the previous year; Speed Buggy, Scooby Doo, Bugs Bunny and all sorts of classic cartoons made their home on Saturday mornings when I was a kid; now live shows that focus on education have taken their place; nothing wrong with educational show, but not at the expense of replacing all cartoons on Saturday mornings.

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