tony scott
Tony Scott – 1944 – 2012
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On Sunday night, we learned the sad news that movie director Tony Scott committed suicide earlier that day. He was 68.

He had a nice bevy of movies under his directing belt that were mostly action packed, but also had a gritty feel to a lot of them. One of my favorites has always been “True Romance” – and yes, mostly due to the fact that Quentin Tarantino wrote the story – but Tony’s direction of the cast and the flow of the story as it unfolds on the screen is so good and so well done, his efforts make this an easy choice for best direction.

The movie he is most famously know for directing is “Top Gun” which was a great movie in of itself – cast, story and flow. “Man On Fire” was also a top choice for it’s grit and violence and how both were mashed together in a big screen blockbuster.

His talents in making movies will be sorely missed. RIP Tony.

What are your favorite Tony Scott movies?