You are reading the 100th post here on Banal Leakage. It’s time to celebrate.

100 posts

Since I started this blog on April 1, 2008, it’s been a lot of fun. I’ve done all sorts of blog posts with subjects covering my car, politics, food I like, my scooter, Top 9 lists, videos with snow and many more. I thought for sure, after 100 blog posts, I’d have thousands of weekly visitors and get regularly featured on TWiT, Digg and have my videos mentioned on an episode of Tekzilla. But alas, none of those popular web sites came calling. But, I must say that I have a nice bunch of regular visitors that I look forward to seeing here and that’s what matters.

So how do I show my appreciation for my readers?

Free Stuff

What’s that you say? You’re giving away free stuff? Fuckin’ Sweet!

um… wait a minute… what’s the catch? What kind of crazy hoops do I have to jump through to win a prize?

Read on.

Only One Thing You Need To Do….

And that’s leave a comment on this post. Pretty simple. For you readers that never leave a comment [you know who you are], this is your chance to make yourself known, even if it’s just this one time. You can leave multiple comments, but only one entry per person will be counted. How will I know it’s really you posting more than once? By email address, of course [also your IP address, which shows up when you post your comment], which is why you need to use a valid email address. How else did you expect me to contact you if you won?

Now I don’t have any of those fancy tools and what have you to check for cheaters multiple entries, so I’m really trusting that everyone will be honest here. I mean, if you really wanted to, you could login under 12 different names with 12 different email addresses and from 12 different locations and that could count as 12 different entries, increasing your odds of winning a prize. But that would just prove what a douche and fraud you are. So be cool and be honest. It’s not like I’m giving away a brand new scooter or the original suit from IRON MAN.

Ok.. enough rambling already…..

… Show Me The Prizes!


  • COOL LEAKAGE (3 prizes) – $10 iTunes gift card
  • RANDOM LEAKAGE (1 prize) – 8gb SanDisk USB Flash drive
  • TOP LEAKAGE – (1 prize) – $25 Gift Certificate
  • GRAND LEAKAGE – (1 prize) – $50 Visa gift card

I wanted to do something for my readers, both loyal and brand new. For those of you COOL LEAKAGE and TOP LEAKAGE winners that are non-US residents, I can provide an equivalent valued prize. If you are a non-US winner of the GRAND LEAKAGE prize, then let me know where you want your gift certificate to and we’ll make it an equal-valued amount. I won’t leave anyone high and dry here [even though the US dollar sucks in exchange rate value].


Sheesh… greedy, are we? I will announce the winners on February 1, 2009. That’s a Sunday – a Snowy Sunday, to be exact, and the video that week will be me announcing the winners. So that gives you time to post a comment [and for me to make sure I have enough cash to purchase the gifts]

How Will I Get My Prize?

Damn, you people really are greedy…

Ok, so if you win one of the $10 iTunes gift cards, the 8gb SanDisk USB Flash drive or the $50 Visa Gift Card, I will mail those out to you, which means you would have to provide me a physical mailing address. For the $25 Amazon Gift Certificate, you can choose to have that redemption code emailed to you. We’ll work out those details when I announce the winners. Are we good? Cool.

Good Luck

Well, that’s it for now. Thanks for celebrating 100 blog posts here on Banal Leakage. Leave your comment [where you can ask any pressing questions], cross your fingers and come back on Feb 1st to see if you won…. well, you can come back anytime for new posts and an all new Snowy Sunday this weekend.

UPDATE: Comments are now closed for this entry.