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  • RANT: Still cold even a week after spring starts
  • – yeah, welcome to Utah where the cold and rainy weather hangs on for dear life in the days following the official start to spring; the idea that we can’t at least ease from the cold to a bit warmer weather, with the temps increasing each day just doesn’t happen in the Beehive State; I tend to look forward to summer, as my love of warmer weather is very evident and something that I’m often discussing; spring snow storms continue to happen here; rain storms here in Salt Lake are bitter drops to below 40 at night in the early days of spring; I don’t mind the rain, just wish it were not so bitter cold when it does rain; makes it hard to put away the winter coat; when the cold temps go away, I am a very happy camper, that’s for sure.

  • SHAMELESS PLUG: Can’t wait for summer and warm weather to start
  • – Every year after dealing with months of winter cold and many weeks of spring cold and rain, I always look forward to summer time; here in Utah, it’s pretty short; the season is supposed to be from Memorial Day to Labor Day; what we end up getting for warmer days in the low 80s happens around the end of June and goes away the week of Labor Day; so for a season that’s my favorite to only last barely more than 2 months, I try to embrace it as much as I can; sure, we get some warmer days here and there before the official start of summer on June 21st; but they are not consistent days and normally we get several wind storms that lead up to summer; and we get several wind storms during summer; regardless, I still look forward to warmer days; because before you know it, summer is over and the cold weather looms in the near distance.

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