snoopy snow
Be like Snoopy

Ok… way too many days have passed since the last Random Leakage blog post. Let’s start things back up with a list of random things focused on winter to celebrate number 20.

Last Day Of Winter

Today is the last calendar day of winter for the 2021 season. Never have I been more happy to see the end of winter in the more than 32 years I’ve been living with winter weather here in Utah. Of course, there are more cold days here in Utah, so it’s not like the weather magically changes overnight when the calendar version of spring starts tomorrow. I’ve long since referred to the seasons here in Utah as the following:

  • Winter – November 15 – April 15
  • Post Winter (aka Spring)- April 16 – June 20
  • Summer – June 21 – August 31
  • Pre Winter (aka Fall) – September 1 – November 14

There wasn’t much snow this winter, but it sure has been cold. The lows have regularly been under 30 a lot and for the few times we had snow, it all dumped at once, playing catch up for the many days we went without snow.

Snow Blower

snow blower
Half way done – need more gas

This one goes back to February 6, 2019 when I borrowed the neighbors snow blower and ran out of gas after a giant snow storm dumped more than a foot in the driveway at the previous house. While I don’t have videos or photos of me walking the almost 2 miles round trip with the gas can (which was also empty) to the nearest gas station, this was one of those winter moments that will be forever burned into my life memory.

Way Too Much Snow

snow front porch
Where did the front porch go?

And I certainly won’t miss this from February 2020 – more than a year ago.

Good riddance winter. Bring on a warm spring.