oreo red velvet
Another limited flavor – Red Velvet

It’s been a while since I did a review of different flavored Oreos. I tried these back some months ago, but finally getting around to reviewing them. So if you are just reading this and wanted to try them, I apologize as they are most likely not available anymore in your local grocer or big box store.

I had looked forward to trying these as the creamy center wasn’t just a different color or flavor, but a recreation of the taste of cream cheese without using actual cream cheese. Cause to use real cream cheese, that would be awesome, but also would require this limited edition of Oreo to be sold next to the milk and butter.

Shade of Red

oreo red velvet
A touch of Red for the cookie

The red cookie is a slightly cake-ier version of the original, but with enough of the flavor that makes you think you are tasting something that resembles red velvet cake. It was quite good and I enjoyed each cookie I ate, not bothering to take the first few apart.

Cream Cheese Filling

oreo red velvet
Cream cheese flavored, not actual cream cheese

Flavor wise, they did a most excellent job of recreating the flavor and texture of cream cheese. While it’s not identical to the real stuff we put on bagels, it’s quite tasty and enjoyable.

I did try the pull-apart option for eating at least one of these Oreos. The cream cheese flavor was stronger once I dug my teeth into the creamy filling. I do prefer the entire cookie in one bite, which can be a chore. But fitting it all in at once is a challenge I am almost always up for.

Anyone else try these Red Velvet Oreos? Did you like them or toss them aside?