shake the disease
“Shake The Disease” released on April 29, 1985

The single “Shake The Disease” was released 39 years ago and became a hit single. The B-Side was a song called “Flexible” and ended up on both compilation albums “Catching Up With Depeche Mode” and “Singles 81-85”. It also landed at the number 1 spot on KROQ 106.7 FM radio stations Countdown of 1985.

Place In History

In my Depeche Mode history, the first song I heard from the band was “People Are People” on August 6, 1985 (my 22nd birthday) while driving on the 405 freeway in Los Angeles. I am sure I heard other songs in years past on KROQ 106.7 FM, but this was my first known memory and instant embrace. It was not too many days later that I heard “Shake The Disease”. My first time seeing Depeche Mode live on July 15, 1986 “Shake The Disease” was played live.

In the songs lyrics, there is the line “When I’m not there/In spirit I’ll be there” which ended up being a quote I put on the license plate frame of my 1987 Honda Civic. It referred to something I used to stay to my first wife when I would leave for work for the day.

While “Everything Counts” is a very close second for a favorite Depeche Mode song, “Shake The Disease” still remains at the top spot.