Marty Gras
Taken at The Puck in Feb 2008

It’s Party Time. Party Marty. Marty Gras!

Four years ago, I was the life of the party, doing shots, wearing beads and showing my buzzed smile.

Today, I look forward to Friday at 4:30pm and a couple of gin and tonics to calm myself at the end of the tough week.

Part of it is age. Four years can add some downtime. Part of it is I’m too stressed. Part of it is too many demands on my time from others. And of course, part of it is me wasting my own time.

That needs to change.

♫ It’s Party Time ♫

♫ I need some Marty Time ♫

♫ Gather Everyone In The Parade ♫

♫ Let’s Get Those Drinks Made ♫

♫ It’s Gin and Tonic Time ♫

Who’s ready to party today?

Oh wait… it’s Tuesday. I’m at work. And working late.

Give me a few hours and I’ll start the party later.

Happy Fat Tuesday. Make it a good one.