Episode 018

– May The 4th Be With You:

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  • – today is known as Star Wars Day; no, not because one of the movies came out today, although all 6 released movies that have been released so far have been in May, right around the 20th. Regardless, go celebrate the day.
  • – and tomorrow is Cinco de Mayo, which is technically a celebration of Mexico’s victory over France, but in the US, it’s a reason to drink many drinks filled with tequila and lime; although the lime shortage and criss will have many using different citrus fruits like lemons and grapefruits; Cheers to all those getting your drink on.
  • News – Story 1: MacBreak Weekly podcast reaches 400 episodes
  • – The only TWiT podcast/netcast that I listen to; I used to listen to TWiT and several others that Leo Laporte operates/manages/hosts. But his several asshole moments, including his fallout with Jason Calacanis, made me ditch all but one of the podcasts; I stick with this one because of Andy Ihnatko and Alex Lindsay, and more recently Rene Ritchie of fame; Andy has hosted the show when Leo has been traveling; Leo’s less bothersome with all of the other players; congrats on 400 episodes, MBW.
    – Link to article: MacBreak Weekly

  • News – Story 2: The Cure “Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me” album came out 27 years ago
  • – close enough to 30 years old; I used to play this album to death when it first came out in May 1987; i only had it on cassette at the time; it was released on CD a couple of times; a double album that contained hits like “Friday I’m In Love” and “Why Can’t I Be You”; 18 songs that were a mix of dark and upbeat pop; this album will be included in the next live Trilogy series, played along with “The Top” and “Head on the Door”; hard to believe it’s been out this long already; still waiting to see what other new music The Cure is working on at this point.
    – Link to article:

  • News – Story 3: Powdered Alcohol product “Palcohol” is getting pushback from a Senator
  • – Chuck Schumer D-NY is asking the FDA to ban the substance; concerned about kids thinking it’s Kool-Aid; while I don’t feel the same way, I do understand the concern; this is a new product, which is powered alcohol in a pouch… just add water to have a margarita or a vodka tonic; too much government oversight when it comes to booze related products; kids will always find a way to drink or find a product that would allow them to drink easier; the idea behind this product is no different than kids adding real booze to their Coke or Sprite; perhaps they should just let the product come into the market before forecasting the use by those that are underage.
    – Link to article: FDA to block powdered alcohol

  • RANT: Wind is my least favorite weather condition
  • – Utah is one of the windiest states in the nation; while we don’t have Illinois beat, i think we come close; most days the wind blows in, leaving a layer of dust on cars and outdoor chairs and tables; then the rains show up, leaving these dirt-laden surfaces with a “I can’t believe that just got washed yesterday” look; plus, it’s a nice sunny day, you are out reading the Sunday morning newspaper; can’t because the wind always kicks up, right when you are turning the paper to the next page; so tired of wind; i understand it can blow out the inversion and smog, but does it have to always blow? Where is the break in this horrible weather condition? I’m all for moving to somewhere else where it’s less windy.

  • SHAMELESS PLUG: Free Comic Book Day
  • – every year, on the first Saturday in May is Free Comic Book Day, where you can visit your local comic book store and they have a selection of titles that are free. Yes, FREE! It started in 2001 and has been gaining popularity since; the point of Free Comic Book Day is to get you to support the store by also buying a few comic books while you are there to pick up your free one; Aquaman and Iron Man were two titles I picked up this year. Hope you supported your local comic book store on Saturday.
    – Link to article: Free Comic Book Day 2014

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