Giveaway #1 Winner

random winner #1
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Since there were only two entries for the first of five giveaways for my 5th blogiversary, it wasn’t a strain on the random number generator to come up with a winner. Congrats to Becky (Hello Haha Narf) of Midnight Cliff. Your prize of an 8gb flash drive will be shipped out to you shortly.

Go Home, You’re Drunk

shopping cart drunk
Go Home Shopping Cart, you’re drunk!

If you follow any of the memes out on the web, you might have seen some with the theme of “Go Home, you’re drunk” I’ve seen a few example of them in real life, but never took a photo of one until now.

This shopping cart ended up in clear view behind our house and it was obvious that it needed to be shared.

Wet Towel In Space

Every once in a while, you see something really cool on YouTube [besides goats yelling like humans]. This week, I saw the following article on NPR about an experiment that the Canadian Space Agency did. An astronaut named Chris Hadfield decided to take up a challenge by some younger space fans of what it would be like to wring out a wet towel.

The above video blew me away. So cool to see the experiment in action from space.