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News – Story 1: Milo Yiannopoulos has his upcoming book cancelled; loses his tech editor job at Breitbart News
News – Story 2: Fox News’ Chris Wallace gets bold with Reince Priebus
News – Story 3: Jewish Centers getting bomb threats

  • RANT: The use of yelling “fake news” for anything you don’t agree with
  • – this should tell you something about the general level of intelligence of a good number of Trump supporters by their social media responses to anything they do not agree with; facts don’t matter with these people as it’s painfully obvious that even the most obvious tweets and Facebook posts are met with “rigged” or “fake news” or “sad”, mimicking their Orange leader’s tweets to anything he doesn’t like; there is hardly any logical replies by those dedicated to defending Trump every step of the way; I expect that if a statement such as “skin is mostly water” were made, there would be immediate denial and a “fake news” reply uttered, with I’m sure a virtual pat on the back from the other supporters; it makes me sad to see this complete disregard for any type of fact, especially if it’s mentioned by a liberal person; as a life long liberal, I try to keep an open mind from anyone, regardless of party affiliation, and fact check what I’m reading before responding with a one word babble of nonsense; I fear for out future when we have millions that hate facts and blinding support an ignorant elected official.

  • SHAMELESS PLUG: Made a short film for a local film festival
  • – “Stalled 2” was a remake from a shorter video my daughter and I made back in September 2007; almost 10 years later, we decided to enter the X96 Radio From Hell Film Festival and ended up recreating that film, in longer form; the original was 1 min long; this film is 3 1/2 minutes long; it comes from a real life thing that happened to me when I was in a grocery store bathroom and there was no toilet paper in the stall; I called the store and had someone bring me toilet paper; the original film was shown at the Treo Film Festival in Hollywood, CA in October 2007, which I attended; This newer video didn’t win any awards or prizes at the X96 Film Festival, but it was fun to hear the reaction in person by a good 400 people who attended; I’ve done a good amount of video work since then, but haven’t done much in the last 4 years; so it was good to get back to making videos; I’ve upgraded from using Final Cut Express 4 to Final Cut Pro X 10.2.3, which is so much better and more fluid; it also helps that I finally have a Mac that is up to date for video editing (I bought a 27-inch iMac 2015 3.3Ghz quad core i5); so here’s to a kick in the butt to get me making videos again.

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