james gandolfini
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The first time I saw James on the big screen was in True Romance, where he played hit man/drug thug Virgil. The scene where he goes to retrieve a stolen suitcase full of cocaine from Alabama (played by Patricia Arquette) is one of the most bloody scenes in a Tarantino penned film, but it’s a part that I remember him in. If you’ve never seen True Romance, go watch it. If you have seen it 10 times, go watch it again, even if you just watch the scene [starts at 1 hr 11 mins into the movie]

This is the best YouTube clip I could find of the scene, which doesn’t do the movie or James’ performance any type of justice.

I’ve not seen any episodes of The Sopranos [which I obviously need to resolve], but all of the other movies I’ve seen him in, he was a top notch actor. And one that died too soon.

We will miss you, James.