monster cereals
the newset Monster Cereal – Carmella Creeper

The last time we had a new Monster Cereal was two years ago with Monster Mash.

So How was this new Monster Cereal flavor? It was ok. There was a caramel and apple flavor, but to be honest, I was not impressed with it. I am glad I bought the box to try it, but ended up giving the rest of it to my daughter to eat.

Riverton Utah Yard Display

yard display
Riverton Utah Halloween yard display

Around the corner from where I live, there is a house that went all out this year in their Halloween display.

yard display
Riverton Utah Halloween yard display

And adding an Open Bar part to the entire yard display was very cool. And no, they were not serving real drinks… bummer for the adults.

My Front Porch

My small decorations on my front porch

As for how I decorated for Halloween this year… it was very minimal. I like Halloween and I like the other displays I see at other homes, but didn’t feel like going all out here.