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  • – Far away galaxies, people running, DVDs discontinued… All covered this week.
  • – not covered are the drinks I made this last weekend. Drank them down without issue.
  • News – Story 1: Walter Scott, shot and killed by Michael Slager in North Charleton, SC
  • – white cop shoots unarmed black male and kills him; Walter had been stopped for a traffic violation – a non-working taillight – but also had warrant for back child support; officer placed taser next to Walter after he was shot 8 times in the back, while fleeing on foot; eyewitness filmed incident from the time of fleeing; once the video footage surfaced, it showed the officer lied about the facts; officer was fired and charged with murder within days, to “avoid another Ferguson”; I applaud North Charleston for their quick actions in the case, once the evidence showed he killed Mr. Scott; there is a small amount of time that is not on video, which those who blanket support the officer are using that missing footage as a reason to not charge him with murder; I know cops have a tough job and put their life on the line, but when there is something this obvious and a life could have been saved if a better decision was made in trying to apprehend Mr. Scott; in this day and age of cameras everywhere, you would think this would provide caution for those officers that lie and shoot without hesitation; hope this incident will be a lesson to other police officers in reducing their “kill or be killed” mindset.
    – Link to article: Walter Scott shooting: officer laughs about adrenaline rush in recording

  • News – Story 2: Hillary Clinton puts her hat into the Democratic Presidential Race
  • – her last campaign for president was in 2008 when she ran against Barack Obama; she ended her race then once Obama had taken a significant lead and eventually won the election; this time around, Obama will not be running for a 3rd term, as some of the right wing conspiracies have half joked about; her time as Secretary of State was good, although if you ask those who blanket hate her and Obama, the Benghazi tragedy and killings were something that will probably never go away; my thoughts are that she could be a good president, but I have my reservations, mostly around the personal email server and the Clinton Foundation funds not being reported properly; if she is the democratic nominee, I will most certainly be voting for her, unless a normal Republican candidate like Jon Huntsman gets the GOP nod; fat chance of that happening; let’s see what transpires over the next 14 months.
    – Link to article: Hillary Clinton Announces 2016 Presidential Bid
    The Simpsons

  • News – Story 3: The Simpsons halts production on seasonal DVD sets
  • – Al Jean made the announcement on his Twitter feed; there are DVDs for Seasons 1-17 and Season 20; I have all of them on DVD and was planning on continuing collecting them, but now that is no more; I wish they would have made Seasons 18 and 19 on DVD, just to complete the 1-20 series, then they could have quit; digital releases on iTunes as well as an exclusive deal for the FXX channel were contributors to the future DVD and Blu-ray releases; I liked having them on DVD, even ripping some of my favorite episodes; guess now I need to get a cable package that includes FXX so that I can watch them on the app for all newer seasons that are broadcast.
    – Link to article: Fox to End ‘The Simpsons’ Seasonal DVD Production

  • RANT: Liquid restrictions for flying need to be gone
  • – Back in Episode #039, I addressed a similar topic and ranted about flying restrictions; this past week, actress Alyssa Milano had her breast milk taken away at Heathrow Airport, all because she didn’t do the research that it needed to be put into smaller (3.4oz) containers and she didn’t have her baby with her; this banning of small amounts of liquid for flying has existed far too long; it first came about after the July 2006 London terrorist incident where liquid bombs were found and caught before they made it to the airports; so there was no actual bombs that made it to the airport; London cops and authorities caught the perpetrators before; so why are we still banning more than 3.4oz of liquids?; I’m no expert, but I think it’s time we removed the ban; we have technology that can detect containers and people that are taking on explosive materials; we can walk through security with our shoes and underwear on without having to remove them (in most TSA expedited lines); let’s see this be our next step towards reasonable security in the near future.

  • SHAMELESS PLUG: Star Wars films released on digital format for the first time
  • – all 6 movies released on iTunes, Amazon, Vudu and other digital media outlets; starting on April 10th, you could download any or all of the 6 movies; Episodes I-VI which are the enhanced versions of the movies, which a slight change to the opening theme; yes, for those of us long time Star Wars fans that want the originals on digital, there isn’t any official release for now; you will need VHS or Laserdisc copies of the movies and a way to make them digital; I don’t recommend making digital from VHS, but I would imagine that Laserdisc might have better resolution; for all of you total fans that have to have all versions and releases, this is perfect and hassle free, expect maybe for the time to download them if you have a slow broadband connection; bonus features are included, which is a nice addition; the article linked on the show notes has more details on each one of the 6 movies; I already have digital copies of the DVDs that I bought some years ago, from the 1997 theater released versions; Regardless, this is still great to see these for digital purchase now.
    – Link to article: ‘Star Wars’ film saga finally to be released… digitally

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