RIP Brian
RIP Brian – photo found @FamilyGuyOnFOX

SPOILER ALERT – not that the title of this post didn’t already give it away

Television shows have killed off characters. Even in the animated world. So when a favorite animated character – a major one at that – dies, it’s actually quite sad.

Brian Griffin, the logical-minded, well-spoken, atheist-leaning, Prius-driving dog on Family Guy, was killed off in this last episode titled “Life of Brian”. He was hit by a car mid-way through the episode.

I have to admit that I cried while watching this episode. It still had it’s funny moments and dialogue, but damn.. it literally brought me to tears. For a show as shocking and envelope-pushing as Family Guy, I don’t remember shedding any tears while watching it the last 11 seasons.

The idea behind this is explained in this Q&A session with executive producer Steve Callaghan. While I can see making a shocking reveal or doing something to mix things up can be good for any TV show, I really am not on board with this decision to kill off Brian. I loved his character. His friendship with Stewie and their many adventures were enjoyed. His time on the show was always fun, looney and sometimes disturbing [his love and desire for Lois comes to mind]


vinnie dog
Original image found at Daily Mail

In an effort to quickly transition from the death of Brian, a new dog was brought in. Vinnie, voiced by Tony Sirico – better known as Pauly Walnuts on The Sopranos. Vinnie has street cred and smarts and is a bit rough around the edges. The episode smartly has him and Stewie sharing a bonding moment, which leads me to believe that the death of Brian is a permanent thing.

And while I will dearly miss Brian, the show gave him 11 full seasons of greatness. And moving forward, Vinnie might be a character we will grow to like and love.