driven to distraction book
Too distracted to read this book

My blogger friend Megan [who used to blog here] once told me in a discussion about the above book “Driven To Distraction” that those that need help from it are too distracted to focus on reading the book. This is so very true.

It’s been over 3 weeks since I last blogged here and that does not make me very happy or proud. I’m sure there’s a good number of people that subscribe to my feed that wonder if I will return. As I have said many times before when talking about this subject, this blog is not shutting down. I have spent many years here [almost 8] and I plan to spend many more years here.

Another Year Gone

2015 was supposed to be a better year. It started off with a setback, then a positive, then another setback, then a positive, followed by many months of distractions. There are many things I wanted to get done this year. I won’t list all of the things I wanted to do but didn’t, but the main items were: podcasts, blog posts, exercising, reading and videos [both are of the scooter and alcohol subjects], which are in various stages of stalled, planned, filmed, partially completed or way behind. There are others previously mentioned above as setbacks, that I am not ready to discuss out here in the public as they are personal things that need to stay personal, at least for now.


I had some main accomplishments this year as well. I got a new job, which I did blog about when it happened. I still haven’t blogged about my new job, which for being one of the positives I had this year, you would think that would have been a priority. I’ve been at the new job just two months shy of a year and it’s one of the things I am grateful to have. It’s worked out to be a great fit for me.

The second positive accomplishment [if you want to call it that] was a week long vacation to Cabo San Lucas. The closest I got to blogging about my trip was here and here. I have a draft post that has been started and needs to be finished with photos and stories. See? Another positive thing that I liked, yet failed to discuss it.

Enough Already

This last week was Christmas and I got to spend it with my family, including my daughter being with me for the third year in a row. I count this as one of the positives this year.

I know what’s wrong and I know what needs to be done to help get me back into doing things I like again. Some have called it depression, although every time I pick up the above book and make it through 20-30 pages, it’s ADD that seems to accurately label my issues. I’m more frustrated than anything, which is another thing I’ve know for many months and years. I have a lot of demands on my time, mostly valid but some that I’ve manufactured in my head. But when I do have time, I spend it worrying, being anxious or doing other projects that I never planned on doing. Hey, at least some things are getting done.

I Do Want Change

I am always wanting and talking about change. I have lists that I regularly visit and some things do get completed either on time or months later. I know someday that it will happen and I have renewed hope that 2016 will be that year. But until I can find a professional or someone that understands exactly what I am going through, it will be another year where I write a post like this at the end of it.

I make my best efforts. My want is for them to be more consistent, positively speaking.