oreo creamsicle
Just like a 50/50 ice cream bar – in cookie format

I like Oreos. And I like trying different kinds of Oreo flavors. Also, I really like Creamsicles and their orange goodness. So when I saw this bag of Creamsicle flavored Oreos at the store last week, I had to buy them to try them.

Yummy and Creamy

oreo cookie
50-50 of creamy center goodness

So what do they taste like? They taste like a 50/50 ice cream bar. Not exactly like one [that would be hard since the cookie is not ice cream], but it’s pretty close to that flavor. Like they were culled from the outside and inside of one of those awesome orange cream bars and then cooked into the creamy center of the Oreo cookie. I really like them and they don’t seem as sweet or sugary as a regular Oreo cookie.

Of course the only negative to these cookies is that for a snack, two of them are 150 calories and with my current food/diet regimin I am doing, I can only enjoy 2 of them a day. Which means I need to show a lot of restraint, but as a positive bonus, it helps me ration them out and last that much longer.

Until someone else in the house decides they like them, too.

If you are an Oreo fan, head to your local grocery store to see if you can find these and give them a try. I highly recommend them.