lucky charms
Lucky Charms has been around for 50 years

Lucky Charms, the magically delicious breakfast cereal, celebrates 50 years this year. The cereal, created in 1962, was first available on store shelves in 1964.


lucky charms

General Mills already had a couple of cereal hits with Wheaties and Cherrios. So when a marketing guy was assigned a task to come up with something great, he mixed Cherrios with those orange circus peanuts. And the beginning of Lucky Charms became a reality.

For me, I’ve blogged about my love of Lucky Charms before, many times.

The original catch phrase was “It’s A Charmin’ Cereal. Simply Charmin’!” but the most famous that everyone know it’s “They’re Magically Delicious

Almost half of all Lucky Charms boxes are consumed by adults. I’m not sure how they know this, but it could be that adults like myself are more than happy to tell people they eat Lucky Charms.

Frosted oat cereal and marbits. A great combination that I’ve been enjoying for most of my life.

Who out there likes Lucky Charms? Who knew, before reading this blog post, that they have been around for 50 years? How long have you been eating Lucky Charms?