Left Behind

Long Ass Time

It’s been almost 3 years since I did my last Random Leakage post. That’s almost as bad as going 17 days since my last blog post. Almost.

Maybe I’ve just been distracted big time, or worse yet… maybe I’m still bummed to hear the phrase “President-Elect Trump” *shudder*

Which could be understandable, to any one that’s NOT a Trump supporter. I do have some kind of hope, but I need more tangible evidence in the days leading up to the inauguration that things will be more sane during the first 100 days.

Fake News

dog fire
Give It A Chance

All people need to do is some research before believing some of these fake news stories going around. While the technical feat and efforts that go into the fake news stories are not preventable at this time, just a bit of Google and searching legit sites can certainly reveal the truth about these made up stories.

The type of bullshit that spews from Trump can be solved by having these major news organizations to stop giving a legitimate headline to what’s obviously a ploy to control his followers. Like this recent tweet of his:

Suggesting that he won the popular vote because millions of votes were illegal. Yet, CBS, CNN, Washington Post and many others fell for it by posting stories with headlines that Trump encouraged via his tweet.

Only People managed to have the headline that told the real story. An entertainment rag gets it better than the Mainstream Media.

Giving Thanks

Grateful for the plateful

There were only 5 of us this year – my wife, my daughter, two friends and myself. Instead of cooking, we bought our turkey and sides from other sources. The turkey from a local grocery store and the sides from Mimi’s Cafe. Everything turned out great and it was a fun Thanksgiving spent with those who appreciated our outsourcing efforts.

Let’s hope I don’t go almost 3 years between Random Leakage posts again. Let alone 17 days without another blog post.