strange planet cat

Recently, my daughter introduced me to a cartoon called Strange Planet. Last night, on Twitter, fellow blogger Kapgar posted a Strange Planet cartoon.

This cartoon is funny with the two aliens and their adventures, with the first cartoon featuring their acquisition of a new cat. This cartoon proved to be more than just funny, but spot on for the new cat we have at our home, which hides and scratches.

Forrest The Cat

Forrest cat
the most recent photo of Forrest as of March 10, 2019

I’ve posted a few photos of Forrest over on my Instagram account, starting with this one from April 2018. but the above photo is the first I’ve posted here on this blog.

Forrest was a feral cat that visited our home over the last year. We named her Forest because she always would run from us “Run, Forrest, Run” but before she was a she, we thought she was a he. It wasn’t until July of 2018 after we captured Forrest when the Salt Lake County Animal Shelter called us and told us “she” was pregnant with 3 kittens [we were told that only 2 of the kittens survived and were adopted out]. They clipped the top part of her ear, which is what they do after they are caught and brought into the shelter.

Permanent Cat

Forest cat
Forrest the cat, 3 weeks after Salt Lake County Animal Shelter returned her to our yard – this photo taken on August 5, 2018

The Salt Lake Country Animal Shelter returned her to our yard in mid-July, after they fixed her, but we didn’t see her for 3 weeks. We thought she was gone. But she returned around the first part of August, which was a nice relief.

We decided to keep calling her Forrest, cause she still ran from us. Eventually, she came in the house for a night or two a few months later, but fought with the other 2 cats in the house in the middle of the night. Nothing like being woken up often with blood-curdling cat fights. She continued to live outside, but coming up to the back door to get food.

I was in southern Utah the first week of January, and when I returned home, she came in the house and has been in ever since.

I will try to update more on Forrest here, but for now, she’s integrating herself pretty well, even if she runs from us still and still fights with our other cat Tabby.