Most people that know me are aware that I am a gin & tonic guy. I’ve drank all sorts of liquors over the years, but I really have acquired a taste for gin.

Bombay Sapphire

Bombay Sapphire
My first choice in gin

Some years ago [at least ten] I decided to branch out of my Bacardi Rum staple and add a clear alcohol to my mixed drink arsenal. Rum and Coke was my drink of choice almost every time, but I wanted to see what all the fuss about gin was. I was in Vegas and when the drink order was taken, I found myself blurting out “I’ll have a gin and tonic” The restaurant was a bit nicer than your average casual dining type so when I was asked if I had a gin preference, I replied, “What do you suggest?” Bombay Sapphire was recommended. And ever since that day in January, I’ve not looked back [and have rarely ordered a Rum and Coke].

There are two types of Bombay. The Sapphire is in the clear blue bottle, as pictured above. The non-Sapphire version is in a clear bottle. While I’ve picked the standard Bombay a few times, I much prefer the Sapphire for it’s smooth taste and how well it mixes with tonic and a squeeze of lime.

The only major downfall to Sapphire is it’s price. It’s a good 25% more than other gins. But so worth the extra cost for a drink you will enjoy.

Less Is Sometimes Good

New Amsterdam
Comparable to the Sapphire for this gin guy

Even though I just proclaimed my love for the Sapphire, I do admit that it’s nice to have a more reasonable gin on hand. For those times when you want a good gin when you plan to have multiple drinks. And for that, I have found that New Amsterdam doesn’t disappoint. It’s smooth like Sapphire, but at a good 40% less at most liquor stores [around $26 for a 1.5l vs. $47 for the Bombay Sapphire bottle of the same size]. And to others that appreciate gin, they have all complimented this brand with equal admiration.

Equal choices in my opinion and taste.

Now, I’ll try Tanqueray here and there and it’s really not a bad gin. And I will have Beefeater if it’s a choice between that brand and a generic well gin. But all preferences point towards the above two gins for my regular consumption of adult beverages.

Any particular brand of alcohol that you prefer over others?