Happy 8th birthday to this blog

Today, my blog – this place – Banal Leakage, turns 8 years old. Why did I pick April 1st to be the day I started this blog? Oh, there’s many reasons, one of which involves Dave2 from Blogography, but it was the start of the a new month and what better day to start a new blog.

Eight years old is a long time in the blogging world these days. Many that used to be in our blogging circle have closed down or gotten hacked or are still online, but going months and years without any recent posts. Facebook has stolen many a bloggers space and words [let alone some of their Twitter attention and characters]. I miss those “golden days of blogging” where we all had dozens of comments on our posts and met up to party at various blogging events in other parts of the country. Now many are just a fragmented bits of insight, while dodging political rants on Mark Zuckerberg’s billion behemoth network. Those of us left blogging are not going anywhere anytime soon, even if some of us don’t blog as often as others.

So as I celebrate another year here, I make my best efforts to keep posting.